Write Inbetween


Do you find that people assume what your sexuality is depending on who you're dating at the time? Does gay not seem to fit but straight never sat right either? Do you find that it takes an entire speech to explain how your sexuality actually feels to you? Does being around a group of people who have similar sexual orientations make you breathe a little easier? 

It's okay to be Write Inbetween. 

Write Inbetween is a writing meet-up group for writers who are LGBTQ+ and don't feel represented by the gay/straight dichotomy. In particular, this group will focus on discussing the erasure of a variety of sexualities/identities that impact sexuality, such as bisexual, pansexual, two-spirited, fluid, asexual, aromantic, and more. This group is inclusive of transgender and non-binary people.

We celebrate the complicated and the plural. 

You don't have to be out.

You don't even have to be sure. 

You can be very sure.

You don't have to explain anything here.

You don't even have to talk about it.

You can say everything about it. 

There is a lot of space for you in the Inbetween. 

The Meet-Up

Four times a year, in Spring, Summer, Winter, and Fall, Write Inbetween will hold meet-ups.


1st hour- Talking about erasure and invalidation of sexualities that exist outside of the gay/straight dichotomy. Discussing ways to make art that is more in line with our experience in world and exposing how our own ingrained assumptions about the simplicity of sexuality have drifted into our writing. 

2nd hour - Silent writing

Next meet-up:



Future meet-ups:

Winter Meet-Up - Sunday, January 20, 2019 - 3 p.m. - 5 p.m., the Tranzac's Tikki Room

Spring Meet- Up - Sunday, April 21, 2019 - 3 p.m. - 5 p.m., the Tranzac's Tikki Room



Here are some resources that have helped me and people in the community.

Still Bisexual

Bisexual Resource Center

The Trevor Project - Bisexual Support Center

GLAAD- Accelerating Bi+ Acceptance


Still in progress. If you have recommendations, please email: writeinbetween2018@gmail.com

Books and Shows With Non-Binary Sexuality Represented Well

Book list coming soon!

Still in progress. If you have recommendations, please email: writeinbetween2018@gmail.com

Words from Our Participants

At every Write Inbetween, participants have the option to fill out notebooks with questions and prompts — these little blurbs are meant to be inspirational, provide guidance and advice, and start to pave the way for more inclusive art. If even one person is affected positively by the comments of our participants, then Write Inbetween is fulfilling its role in our community.

What are some books, TV shows, or movies that allowed you to see yourself reflected in art?

-> As a non-binary/bigender/?? person, there's very little relatable representation in media of people like me — what has been helpful, though, is non-traditional depictions of femininity or  masculinity, whether embodied by a cis or trans character. Countless anime characters and others in animated media like Avatar, fantasy, & science fiction novels, — etc. 


What would you go back and tell yourself when you were first discovering your identity?

-> You don't need to perform the norm to be desired.

-> No one else knows who they are either. It is okay to suggest ways of being together.

-> Everyone will be against you, on all sides, for subverting binarist, easily-understandable ways of being. Prepare for this. It will take more out of you to compromise yourself for their comfort than to simply learn to fight back.


What would you like to see more of in art? How should the world of art become more inclusive?

-> I would like to see more uncertainty in art; because it is nothing definitively, it can contain and represent the possibility of anything.

-> Art made by marginalized people is already on an excellent trend towards being less apologetic, less self-explanatory — etc. Good. I want more of this. Let the others do the work.






1. What is this thing? Who is running it?

Write Inbetween is run by me, Jess Taylor, a Toronto writer who founded the Emerging Writers Reading Series and ran it from 2012-2016. I am starting Write Inbetween because I felt like I was constantly battling my internalized biphobia and was resistant to my own bisexuality. Exposure to resources, LGBTQ+-friendly and non-judgemental groups, and experiencing representations of sexuality that rang to true to me in literature and other art made a huge difference in my self-acceptance. I want to make this easier for other people and continue to develop this positive experience.

That being said, I do not want Write Inbetween to feel run by one person. It's a meet-up group where we hold space for each other and make each other comfortable simply by being present and open. It also provides a dedicated time for people to write with LGBTQ+ issues in mind. 

2. I identify as gay and I've always identified as homosexual. Can I still attend?

You are definitely welcome to attend! Write Inbetween welcomes all LGBTQ+ folk. Discussions will mainly focus around difficulties that non-binary sexualities face, but we welcome all member of the LGBTQ+ literary community. 

3. I'm straight, but I have a lot of friends who are queer. Can I still come to the Meet-up?

You can attend as an ally, especially if you are the partner or primary support for someone who identifies as queer.  Please remember that this space is for LGBTQ+ people when participating in conversations.

4. Why is Inbetween all one word?

I imagine The Inbetween as being a space where we can all exist in harmony. Also, I like the way it looks. :)